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Perfect Multi Language authoring tool to create beautiful ePUB3 books with quizzes, audio, video, links, and interaction, Left to Right and Right to Left with formula support


Enrich your text by adding all sorts of interactive elements and tasks including various types of quizzes, interactive videos, drag and drops, dialog cards, and more


Build your own book store and sell your books online with E-commerce embedded and Full Digital Rights Management (DRM) for peace of mind


Read book, add notes, highlight, listen, and watch on all your devices, always synchronized so you can leave one and continue to read on another one

Create it

in Your Language

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PUBNiTO is an advanced and reliable platform for publishing activities under your brand. It enables you to create modern digital books using audio, video, and interactive assets in ePUB3 format.


One Stop Solution

PUBNiTO offers a complete solution from authoring to publishing and delivery on all types of web platforms and devices.


Revenue Sharing

PUBNiTO lets you act as an online book store for other publishers and create revenue sharing licenses with them.



PUBNiTO analytics provides various xAPI readership statistics for your planning towards readers and markets needs.

Learning System

Books that you create in PUBNiTO can act as learning systems for students at schools, colleges, and universities.

Add all sorts of educational assets to traditional books. Audio, video, interactive parts, gamification, quizzes, short lessons, talks,  are all examples of educational assets which could be created and added. You can embed assessments at various points in books to facilitate student based learning.

Integrate PUBNiTO with your learning management system to create a modern learning environment.

Educators at all levels can use PUBNiTO to create their customized books or workbooks. School boards and ministries of education can transform their textbooks and teacher books into online and interactive books.


Life long learning has become an essential part of life for all professionals, be them corporate employees, lawyers,  doctors, engineers, skilled workers, …

Corporations as well as professional societies can create their own training courses using PUBNiTO.

Whether you are using a learning management system and online training, or physical and teacher based training, PUBNiTO books are a good companion for your activities.

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