Access your books anywhere, anytime, online or offline, and on any device. Just download them from the Cloud and read them wherever you go.

PUBNiTO Reader fully supports ePUB3 standard in both Left To Right and Right To Left languages as well as ePUB2 and PDF.


PUBNiTO Reader is a robust ePUB3 reading system. It comes with many extra features such as annotations, bookmarks and reading progression level. The Reader supports xAPI and can be used to store readership statistics in a fine detailed granularity


ePUB3 file format is optimal for an immersive reading experience on mobile devices. It gives plenty of possibilities, including Audio, Video, Interactivity, Global Language Support, Multi-Column Layout, and much more



Fully supports all languages. Currently PUBNiTO is unique in supporting Right to Left languages such as Arabic and Persian. Also, it fully supports true mathematical formulas in any direction and any language


Readers can create Bookmarks, Notes and Highlights anywhere in a book. They can select to color code their highlights.  All annotations are synchronized and are immediately available on all your devices


All your books are on the cloud and available wherever you are

Offline Access

Download a book to your device to read it and it will remain available offline

Web and Native App

PUBNiTO Reader is available as a web reader, as well as native iOS and Android Apps

Scrollable Document

PUBNiTO Reader supports scrollable document reading option

All Synchronized

With synchronized table of content, navigate to any location in the book through the TOC.  In the same way, see where in the TOC you are at any time.

If you quit reading from one device and starts reading from another device, the last location will be available when reading is restarted. Reading history is also available for Videos and Audios and you can continue from the location you last were.

Accessibility and Better Reading Experience

ePUB3 offers a number of native accessibility features for more inclusive publishing. PUBNiTO Reader supports many such features. Type and size of the fonts, day-night mode, and text to speech,  all contribute to a better reading experience.


Customize your fonts and sizes


1 or 2 Column pages


Day/Night mode

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