Authoring Studio

Write any book, a textbook, a memoir, a manual, a cook book, whatever. Books that are alive with audio, video, interactive elements, quizzes, assessments, and lots of other features

then publish it.


Your branded  Studio on the cloud for secure and continuous access wherever you might be


Import your manuscript from WORD or ePUB files or start creating it from scratch using our powerful editor


Add links out to other assets and contents such as TED Talks, YouTube


Embed any formula in LTR and RTL by using online LaTeX editor inside the studio

Audio and Video

Add audio, images and videos, or a swipable gallery of images


Embed any content and assets from your pool of resources or internet directly into the text and where it should be



Create and add interactive elements from PUBNiTO Interactive



Add links to or embed exams and tests from  LRNiTO to assess readers grasp of subject

Left to Right | Right to Left

Studio fully supports languages which write in any direction. This is specifically most crucial when directions are mixed in a language and mathematical formulae are considered.

Publish Reflowable or Fixed Layout

Publish the output to PDF for prints, ePUB2, and of course ePUB3 and send it to your Book Store. Your books are ready for PUBNiTO Reader which takes both reflowable and fixed layout books.  Start presenting it to the market. Your readership can use your own branded reader on any device and be completely independent of any device or platform provider.

Roles and Flow

The publishing field has traditionally used a relatively clear definition of roles and flow of information. Here you can choose which roles and permissions will be set by default for anonymous users and registered users. PUBNiTO contains a number of pre-defined roles. You can edit these pre-defined roles and add new roles and permissions. You can also manage flow of information and tasks between these roles.

Collaborative Authoring

More than one person can be involved in authoring, be it writing different chapters, or helping with graphics, layout, or any other task. It is designed to help you produce books with others, or by yourself. It is also a social environment where you can share notes on producing books, seek assistance from others, or look for projects to contribute to.

Accelerated Authoring

While you can use PUBNiTO to support traditional book authoring processes, it also supports the rapid development of content in ‘book sprints’. A book sprint is an intensive collaborative event where typically six to ten people can focus on writing a book in three to five days. These collaborators might be in the same room or located around the Internet; in either case, they work together simultaneously to produce a book.

Book Licenses

When a user creates a book, she can choose from a number of copyright licenses under which the book will be published, including ‘All rights reserved’. PUBNiTO comes pre-configured with a selection of the most popular licenses for creative works.

Track Changes

PUBNiTO Studio keeps history of changes. This enables you to track changes to chapters and even line by line.  This is specially important if translated editions of the same book are also being developed or more than one person are contributing to a book. It ensures integrity across all editions.


PUBNiTO Studio lets you communicate with others in the Studio. See who is working and chat with them about your work. Send tasks and answer questions. Add notes and let others know what you have in mind.