Book Store

Build your own branded online book store to showcase and sell books that you have published or books of other publishers who work with you.

Your Brand

Build your online store with your brand on the cloud. Assign tags and categories to books for better organization and faster discovery.


Book Store is a Multi-language website, which fully supports right-to-left languages, as well as left-to-right.


Your Book Store works on all sorts of devices and browsers.


Mark an eBook to be encrypted through DRM. This will cause the book content to be encrypted and once a customer buys it, an individually signed copy will be generated and sent to the customer.


Use eCommerce gateway to receive customer payments.


Use readers and readership statistics to plan better.

Revenue Sharing

Publishers can sell their books in your store and receive an agreed percentage of revenue.

Single Sign On

Our SSO lets seamless movement between reader devices and the store.

Created for You

Your PUBNiTO Store sits between Publishers and Readers. Publishers can publish their ePUB3 books directly to the store and make it available for public use. Readers who visit or search your store, are able to read more, get a sample, and eventually buy the book.

PUBNiTO Reader accepts both reflowable and fixed layout books. Most older generation ebooks are in the latter format. So by republishing them you are able to ramp up the store very quickly.

Easy to Install, Fun to Use

The Book Store can be installed in a few minutes and you are up and running. You can cutomize everything, including banners, categories, and tags.


Customize to your needs


Implement your own theme


Showcase awesome books