Cloud PUBNiTO is for organizations who wish to have their own complete digital publishing system. Cloud PUBNiTO is for organizations who do not wish to be concerned with any hardware or software issues.

Made for All

We have made PUBNiTO for everyone. We want anyone who wants to write, start creating awesome books

Launch Ready

It can be deployed very quickly. We just need to make sure your domain and payment gateway is ready

Easy to Use

It is really easy to use. Very intuitive and fun to work with. Nevetheless, we have plenty of training videos

Ramp it Up

Are you already a publisher with lots of books? No problem. Upload your InDesign, PDF and older versions of ePUB and get going


Do you have lots of assets which you need to use? You can. Simply embed them or link them or even add html5 files

24/7 Support

Our support centers are in North America and Middle East. We should be able to get back to you pretty fast

Options for Cloud PUBNiTO

Cloud PUBNiTO gives you a full white labelled publishing suite. You can use your domain and look and feel for your Store. It is yours.

Choose the plan that works for you. Or talk to us if you need something different.

Know More

We are open to discussion of course. Our models are aimed at giving you the foundation to start working on a final plan:



Basic: Revenue Share

In this option you will not pay any subscription for the platform. We will receive a share of revenue from sales of each book in your store. You will still own and publish under your own publishing brand. You are responsible for all marketing and sales activities. To be eligible for this plan, we need to discuss with you number of books you plan to publish, your marketing plans, as well as expected sales.


Project Based

We can discuss with you number of books, number of readers, training and support required, plus content creation workshops, to come up with a  project specification. This model is designed for an organization such as a ministry of education or a major publisher who is responsible for publishing a relatively large number of online books


Perpetual License

In this plan, you will own a perpetual right to access your white labelled PUBNiTO. There is no limit on number of books or users. This model is designed with national projects in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check below or talk to us

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  • Subscriptions
  • Support
  • Updates

How long does it take to deploy my PUBNiTO?

Actually we will create a copy of the complete product in the cloud for you. It is pretty fast. You only need to make sure to have your desired domain ready and provide us with your payment gateway details. As a standard practice, we believe it takes one working week to get everything going.

Can I change and customize anything I want?

Almost. We will deliver a white labelled deployment. You can add your domain for all products, as well as pictures and categories to your book store.

Why have you left number of books for discussion?

We do not wish to inflate our prices and are ready to duscuss with you and adjust our price based on your real need.

Can I use my own Authoring?

PUBNiTO has 4 main products which work together. However, we have built them such that if you wish to use your component(s) instead, as long as they produce standard based results, it is possible.

What's the quickest way to set up the Store?

If you already have some books in PDF or older versions of ePUB, you can still import them quickly to your store and build a well stocked online store.

Do I need to have a payment gateway?

If you wish to sell your books, then yes we need to add a payment gateway depending on where in the world you are and in which currencies you would like to receive payment. However, these are very much streamlined and should not take much time.

How can I get support when needed?

We have integrated a full online support system with PUBNiTO.

What if I need training?

We have added a number of training videos and will be adding more if we feel there is a need. However, if you feel you require a particular training then we can discuss and arrange it, be it online or onsite.

Where do I get in touch with you regarding an issue?

Our online support system is surest way of communicating your issues with us.

How long does it take to get an answer from support?

You will see our answer within 24 hours. As the product is cloud-based, we can usually address any problem fairly swiftly.

Do I need to have an Admin for the system?

Yes, we recommend that you have at least one of your staffs acting as an admin. The admin can be involved in the deployment and roll out. For larger organizations, they can act as your first line of support and we will train them accordingly.

Can you tell me more about responsibilities?

We provide PUBNiTO platform as a service. We are responsible for all server and storage spaces, content delivery, load balancing, and timely backups. In effect you will receive license to have your authoring and interactive studio, your store, and your readers. You are responsible for all copyright and local regulations, as well as marketing and sales.

What if I decide not to renew my subscription?

Your most valuable properties are your books, and various interactive and multimedia assets that you have created. You can easily download all of them as standard files and use them elsewhere.

Will you be updating the products?

Certainly. These are live products which are regularly updated. As part of your licensing, you are entitled to all such updates.

Where can I get a notification about a new update?

You will receive notices about any forthcoming update to our web based products. Native Apps receive updates from their related app stores.

Can I sell other publishers books?

Yes, you certainly can. Actually one of our objectives is to let publishers and specially indie publishers to promote and sell their books on many stores.

What are the limits of my license?

In all plans, the intellectual property remains with Notion Wave Inc.Two of our plans have limitations on number of published books. However, use of all products are condition to “Fair Use”. This applies to number of unpublished books, number of readers and their simultaneous access.

Can I upgrade my license?

Yes. Once you are ready, you will be able to move to the next licensing option.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. you can cancel your subscription at any time. We will prorate the fees to the end of the month and refund the rest. We will also work with you to make sure you have downloaded all your works. Please note that if you have sold any of your books, it is your responsibility to make sure your readers continue to have access.