A Cloud Platform to Create, Publish, and Distribute Modern Digital Books

Our Vision

We all create content as part of our work and sometimes life. Notes for tomorrow’s lecture, a report for the meeting, a lesson plan, a micro lesson for teaching a topic, a mix of notes for the next seminar, draft of our next article, chapters of a thesis, even some memories for our grandchildren!,…

But only a small number end up becoming writers and publishing their work.

PUBNiTO wants to change this.

It lets you start writing, publishing, even selling your work.

and how do you intend to do that?


By offering a cloud-based publishing platform we intend to help existing and new publishers start offering state of the art services in authoring, publishing, distribution, and reading experiences.



PUBNiTO has an authoring studio. From typing text, to adding all sorts of useful extras, are all done here. Audio, video, interactive content, quizzes, and much more can be added to bring any text to life. Its mathematical formula editor is ideal for books in both LTR and RTL languages.


Publish your own work or works of others. Publish in many formats, but mostly we like our ePUB3. It lets you offer lots of extra features in your books. Your books can be offered for free, or be sold. You have full control over who can get it and your copyright.


Establish your branded online book shop, stock up with your authors works and sell. Start by re-publishing your older books in PDF or ePUB formats and then move to ePUB3. Collaborate and add other publishers works and share revenue with them.


Your branded web and native app readers are not just for reading. They provide a rich learning experience. The cloud back bone lets users take notes, put annotations, stop reading on one device and take it up on another where they left off.